Why The Full Body Plan Is A Great Muscle Building Go-To

Full Body Plan

Trying to pack on some lean muscle mass? If so, you may be taking a good look at the various workout programs around that you can use to help generate that lean muscle tissue.

You’ve read about different splits and possibly even looked at what your favorite fitness or bodybuilding role model does.

But, don’t discount the full body workout program. Too many people associate this with a ‘beginners’ plan, but it really isn’t so. Advanced trainees can see excellent results with a full body workout.

Here’s why.


High Frequency Of Training

The first reason to go full body? The fact that you can easily hit every muscle group three times per week.

When it comes to building muscle, there are two factors to be taken into account: the overloading stimulus and total workout frequency.

You can lift as heavy as you want but if you aren’t hitting the muscle group often enough, you won’t be evoking growth.

Hitting a muscle group just once per month as many programs have you doing just doesn’t cut it. You should be aiming for at least twice per week for maximum results.

Three times being even better.


High Total Rest Time

In addition to allowing you to hit each muscle group frequently, full body workouts also allow plenty of time for rest and recovery. You’ll get four full days off each week to recoup and rebuild that muscle mass.

For those who have weak recovery systems, this is very good news. Most people in the gym need to rest more and exercise less, not the other way around.


Focus On Compound Movements

Another big benefit to using full body workouts is that they’ll force you to use compound exercises. You just won’t have time to do three variations of bicep curls along with leg extensions and lateral raises for instance.

You will need to be hitting those major compound exercises to fit every muscle group in.

As these are the most effective exercises you can do, you can hopefully see why this is so beneficial.


Great For Metabolic Enhancement

Another plus to the full body plan is that it’s great for stimulating your metabolic rate. If you hope to stay lean as you build muscle, this translates into great news for you.

Provided you are still eating enough to grow, you can see excellent lean muscle mass gains.


Easier To Schedule

Finally, they’re easier to schedule. Since you only have one type of workout – full body, if you miss a day, no big deal, just shift the workout slightly and you’ll be right back on track.

It’s far easier to make up for lost time when doing a full body workout and you won’t have to worry about going 10+ days before hitting a muscle group should you miss a day.

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So don’t neglect the full body workout any longer. They really can be a great workout protocol to use to reach your muscle building goals.