The Skinny Guy’s Guide To Building Lean Muscle Mass

Skinny Guy Guide To Build Lean Muscle

If you’ve been tall, lanky, and thin for the better part of your life as an adult, you may have tried muscle building programs in the past to no avail. You lifted weights, you ate as much food as possible, but still, that scale didn’t budget. You may have gotten slightly stronger, but size was not something that was added.

Today, I’m going to share with you some quick tips on how you can change that. If you structure your program and nutrition plan properly, you can see the results that you desire.

What you do need to know however is that building muscle as a naturally thin person is not the same as building muscle as an average individual. You do need to do things differently.

Let’s look at your guide to building lean muscle mass.

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Shorten Those Workouts

Now, if you are struggling to build muscle, you might think that you need to spend more time in the gym. Wrong. You actually need less.

How can this be?

Remember, you break down your muscle tissues in the gym. When you’re out of the gym, you’re building them up. One reason why many don’t succeed with muscle building is because they simply aren’t giving themselves enough rest time.

As someone who is naturally thin, you just won’t bounce back as quick as the average guy.

And as you structure these workouts, be sure to focus on compound exercises only, reducing the amount of isolation moves. Those isolation exercises just won’t offer the payoff for the skinny guy that compound moves do.


Track Your Calories

Next you need to track your calories. Here again, you might think tracking calories is only for those who want to lose weight. That’s the last thing you want to do! But hold on with this.

If you aren’t tracking your calories, how do you really know how much you’re eating? You don’t. And that is a big problem.

Unless you firmly know that you are eating in a calorie surplus, that could very well be the reason that you aren’t seeing results.

Start tracking and if you aren’t gaining, simply add 10-15% more calories to your daily total.


Add More Sleep Time

The next move is to get serious about sleep. I mean serious. Don’t let anything crowd out your shut-eye at night. Skinny guys should be aiming for at least 8 hours per night of sleep, if not more.

If you want to grow, you need that rest and rejuvenation time.


Pay Attention To Daily Activities

It’s also important that you take some time to pay attention to your daily activities as well. How active are you on a regular basis? Keep in mind that running around all day long will torch a high number of calories, making it harder to gain weight.

While those who focus on fat loss need to move more and eat less, you need to do the opposite: eat more and move less.

If you can be sure that you follow these quick tips as you design your workout program and nutrition plan, you can feel certain that you are on a path to results.

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