Six Reasons You Should Be Using Protein Powder

Protein Powder

If there’s one supplement that you’ll want to pick up as you begin your workout and strength training program, whey protein powder would be it.

When most people think of whey protein, they tend to think of bodybuilders slamming back protein shakes at the gym. This is a shame because it causes many people to avoid protein powder entirely.

Protein powder offers many benefits however – which you must make yourself aware of.

Here are six reasons to consider adding it to your day.


Cheap And Convenient

First, protein powder is cheap and convenient. Nothing gets easier than shake and go, so for those who struggle to get their protein needs met, this works perfectly.

And, if you compare the cost per serving of protein powder, you’ll find that it’s much cheaper than purchasing other protein sources such as fish or beef.


Immune Boosting Benefits

Next, protein powder also offers great immune boosting benefits. Many people don’t realize this but they contain immunoglobulin’s, which strengthen your immune system and can help you ward off disease and illness.

This can go a long way towards improving your overall health and keep the cold and flu bug at bay.


Appetite Control

If you choose whey protein powder, you’ll also get great appetite control. Those who supplement with whey protein powder tend to consume fewer calories at meals that follow compared to those who don’t.

If weight control is important for you, you’ll want to note that benefit carefully.

Just do remember that you will need to add the calories from the protein into your daily diet. Simply adding a few servings to your diet as-is could lead to weight gain as your calorie intake will then be higher.


Great For Vegetarians

Protein powder is also an excellent option for vegetarians. As vegetarians will often struggle to get their needs met, this can really help them along. They can choose either soy or hemp protein powder, both of which are perfect.


Excellent Versatility

Using protein powder also gives you awesome versatility. You don’t have to be chugging back shake after shake if you don’t want to. Consider whipping up a batch of protein cookies, protein cake, protein pudding, or using it by simply adding it into oatmeal, yogurt, or other foods.

You can really get creative and use it in a wide variety of different ways.


Faster Recovery

Finally, protein powder also gives you excellent recovery. Whey protein isolate for instance is designed to break down faster than food protein sources are, so will help you get those much-needed amino acids into your body faster. This in turn helps ensure that you make a speedy recovery after each workout session that you do.

Combine your protein with some fast acting carbs for optimal results.

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So as you can see, there are many benefits to protein that should not go overlooked. If you haven’t picked a tub up yet, it’s time that you do so.