Nutritional Errors Preventing You From Building Muscle

Nutritional Errors

If you’ve been hitting the gym on a regular basis but just can’t seem to gain the level of muscle you are looking for, you might be wondering what you’re doing wrong.

In this scenario, most people are quick to look at the workout program they’re doing, jumping onto another hoping for better results.

But, the real reason you may not be building muscle could have very little to do with your workout and everything to do with your diet plan.

If you aren’t fueling your body properly, you simply won’t build muscle as you should. Let’s look at the biggest nutritional errors that you need to know about – and avoid – if you hope to see success.


Lack Of Calories

The first problem is simply a lack of calories. You can’t build muscle out of thin air, so if those calories aren’t there, you simply won’t get results.

You absolutely must be in a calorie surplus to build muscle; there’s no way around this. If you aren’t gaining any weight, it’s time to increase your calorie intake by 10-15%.


Lack Of Post-Workout Carbs

Another big nutritional error is too little post-workout carbs. This is the primary time when your body can up those carbs to good use, so eat up. Loading up at least 40% or more of your total daily carbohydrate intake into your post workout period is a good idea for optimal mass gains.


Too Little Dietary Fat

Another nutrient you must be taking in enough of is dietary fat. You may fear fat thinking that it will cause fat gain, but this isn’t how it works. In fact, if you don’t eat enough fat, that could lead to fat gain because your testosterone levels will drop.

Fat intake is directly associated with testosterone concentrations in the body and since testosterone is the most powerful muscle building hormone, you want to be optimizing it.

Aim to get no less than 25% of your total daily calorie intake from healthy fat sources.


Protein Overload

The other nutrient to consider is protein. Are you getting in too much? Most people are. They think that high protein diets will build muscle faster but this isn’t the case.

Once you are at around one gram per pound of body weight, you don’t really need any more than this to generate lean muscle mass.

You’re better off putting more focus towards carbohydrates or dietary fats at that point.


Relying On Supplements

Finally, the last error is relying too heavily on supplements. Remember that it’s always best, when possible, to get your nutrients from whole food sources.

While you certainly will want to use protein powder to create calorie dense shakes throughout the day, don’t forget to eat whole foods as well.

This includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Even though these foods don’t supply many calories, they will provide a number of nutrients you need to function optimally and maintain high energy levels.

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So keep these nutritional errors in mind. If you are making any of these mistakes in your plan, make a few changes to clear them up so that you can go on to see better results.