Foods To Avoid If You Hope To Build Muscle

Foods To Avoid

Want to build muscle faster? If so, there are a few foods that you’ll want to be sure that you avoid if you hope to see optimal success.

Building muscle takes working hard in the gym, resting adequately between your sessions, and making sure your body gets not only the right amount of calories, but also nutrients for optimal growth.

Let’s look at the key foods that you’ll want to avoid on your muscle building plan.

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Sugary Carbohydrates

The first foods to avoid are sugary carbohydrates. You might think that since your goal is to get in more calories, you should be able to eat anything you want right now, but this isn’t so.

If you eat a high dose of sugar carbs, you’ll be highly likely to gain body fat in the process of building muscle, which is something that most people simply don’t want.

This includes foods like sugar cereals, candy bars, ice cream, cakes, cookies, and so forth. These foods lack the nutrients that your body really needs at this time.


High Amounts Of Vegetables

Next, you’ll also want to avoid consuming too many vegetables as well. While vegetables are healthy, if you eat too many of them, you won’t have room for other, more calorie dense foods.

As vegetables provide hardly any calories at all, they really won’t do much to support your energy consumption efforts.

Serve a few, but limit it to about ½ to one cup per meal.


Fast/Convenience Foods

The next group of foods to steer clear from are any fast or convenience foods. These deep fried foods or heavily processed gems are nutrient devoid, will spike blood sugar, and leave you feeling worse than you’ve felt before.

They are not going to give you the energy you need to get those workout sessions in and will also have you gaining fat rapidly as well.

Just say no. Wholesome foods are what you should be focusing on.


Weight Gainers

Weight gainers are another big no-no on your muscle building plan. These may seem like a good option since you do, after all, want to gain weight.

Rethink this though. Most of these weight gainers are very high in sugar content, so again, will just spike blood glucose levels, leaving you coming crashing down shortly after.

If you really want a weight gainer, try making your own instead.



Finally, the last item on the list that you’ll want to avoid is alcohol. If you really want to see optimal success, alcohol needs to get the boot. While one drink here and there may not do too much damage, if you drink regularly, you’ll be putting the breaks on protein synthesis.

Each time alcohol enters your body, all muscle building stops, so just remember that. It’s like taking a break from progress.

So have a good look at your current diet. Are any of these foods making their way into your plan? If so, take steps to remove them so that you can see better success going forward..

Click Here>>> To Watch A Short Video On The Five Foods Men Must Avoid