Advanced Muscle Building Techniques You Must Try

Advanced Muscle Building

Looking to get an leg up on your muscle building program? If you’ve been hitting the gym consistently for 4-6 months for a while now, chances are you’ve seen some good results.

That said, you are now looking for more. You wonder what you can do to push the barrier just a little further, so you can see faster and more impressive results.

Adding some advanced muscle building techniques to your plan will do just that. Provided you have developed a good fitness base level with this program, you can begin adding these into the mix.

Let go over a few to consider. Remember you should not add these into the program all at once, but rather, add them in one by one as time goes on.



Superset training is a great way to boost the intensity of your session while bringing about great muscle pumps. For your supersets, you’ll want to perform one exercise immediately after the next, only resting once both are completed.

Typically you’ll pair together two exercises for the opposite muscle groups (biceps and triceps for instance), however you can also pair together an upper body and lower body move if doing a full body workout routine.


Drop Sets

Another way to change around your sets is to add in drop sets. For this protocol, you’ll perform one set at your standard weight and once fatigue sets in, you’ll then drop the weight by five pounds and perform a second set.

Then, you can drop one more time and finish up with a third set as desired. This will really train your body how to push through fatigue.

Just do be sure that you are maintaining good form throughout the entire drop set. If form goes, stop the set immediately.


Pyramid Sets

Pyramid sets are also a way to gain better strength as well as muscular endurance as you’ll be performing through a variety of rep ranges. Rather than doing three sets of 10 reps for instance, you might do a set of 6 reps, a set of 8 reps, and a set of 10 reps.

This allows you to work through more total weight levels, giving you better overall strength gains.


Plyometric Training

Plyometric training is another form of advanced training you might add into the picture. It can be great for building explosive strength, which will then translate into you becoming stronger in all the other straight sets you do as well.

Plyometrics have you rebounding up off the floor, working on that explosiveness. Examples include jump squats, jump lunges, or box jumps.

Try and do these at the start of a workout session or in their own session entirely as they are very taxing on the body.


Tempo Adjusted Work

Finally, you might consider adding in some tempo-adjusted work. This means altering how fast you move through each rep that you do. If you typically take 3 seconds to raise, a one second pause at the top, and 3 seconds to lower, you use a tempo of 3:1:3.

Try increasing the first portion of the rep to build explosive power. This might mean using a 1:1:3 tempo.

Or, to create more time under tension, try slowing it down. Use a 4:1:4 tempo pattern instead.

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So there you have a few quick ways that you can introduce more advanced concepts into your program and see faster results. Try one of these today and be prepared to take your program to the next level.