5 Reasons A Home Gym Is The Perfect Place To Build Muscle

Home Gym, open 24 hours

So you’re about to begin focusing on completing your very own body transformation, building more muscle all while gaining strength and power.

The only issue? You can’t afford a pricy gym membership or simply don’t have a desirable gym within a decent driving distance from your home.

Think you’ll be at a disadvantage taking those workouts to a home gym? It’s time to think again. Homes can actually be just as effective, if not more effective, than commercial gyms.

You just need to know how to plan your workouts properly. Let’s take a closer peek into why home gyms trump commercial gyms so you can gain the confidence you need to move forward with those home gym workouts and see great success.

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Highly Convenient

The first reason to use a home gym? It’s simply more convenient. If you are going to a commercial gym, you’ll need to spend time driving there, parking, using the change room, and so forth. All of this can easily tack on an additional 30-60 minutes to your workout time.

For those with a busy schedule, this often just isn’t feasible. With a home gym, you simply walk to the area of your house you have your equipment (which takes less than 2 minutes!) and get started.

If you want a time effective solution, a home gym is for you.


No Distractions

The next big benefit to a home gym is that it’s free of all distractions. You won’t get some chatty gymgoer trying to bother you between sets. Instead, you can focus in on what you are there to do – workout.

This can really raise the intensity of your program overall, showing you a significant boost to your overall results. Intensity really is the name of the game when it comes to muscle building, so you can’t let someone cause you to sacrifice this.


No Wait For Equipment

Moving forward, you’ll never have to wait for equipment in your own home gym as the only person there is you. In commercial gyms, you could easily end up having to stand and wait for five to ten minutes to use a specific machine.

This again lowers the intensity in which you can workout at.


Dynamic Exercise Selection

The next clear benefit of a home gym is the exercise selection. Because you won’t have access to all the machines that you would in the commercial gym, you’ll be forced to use creative exercises, usually entailing bodyweight or very dynamic movements.

Truth be told, usually these exercises are the most beneficial of all so this can actually help you get better results.

Most people think the lack of equipment is a disadvantage, but really, it can be an advantage.


Open All Hours

Finally, your home gym is open all hours of the day, 365 days a year. It doesn’t close down for holidays when you want to get your workouts in or doesn’t close at 8pm on Sundays – which for many people, is a prime time they can workout since it’s not a busy time of the week.

Your home gym will always be there for you when you need it. You just can’t say the same for a commercial gym.

So don’t let yourself think that just because you’re working out at home, that has to mean the end of your results. You can see great success with your muscle building efforts all while using that home gym you have set up.