5 Exercises To Send Your Muscle Gains Soaring

Send Your Muscle Gains Soaring

Tired of seeing lackluster performance in the gym lately? If you are working towards the goal of building more lean muscle mass and just can’t seem to make the progress you were hoping for, it might be time to consider the program you are using.

Do you have the best exercises in place? If you aren’t performing the right moves during your workout session, you simply won’t be betting the best payoff for your time invested.


Slow results.

Let’s go over six of the best muscle building exercises that you’ll want to get into your plan today if you hope to see superior success.

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The first must-do exercise is the basic squat. It doesn’t get much better than this. Squats will hit every muscle in your lower body, while also stimulating the core and spinal column muscles as well.

With each rep you take, you’ll send your testosterone levels soaring as well due to the fact they are such an intense exercise.

Go heavy, go hard, and you’ll get betting results.



Next up, when you need a break from squatting, deadlifts are the perfect exercise to interchange with them. Deadlifts will hit the lower body muscles quite well, while also helping to stimulate the lower back also.

Those who perform heavy deadlifts on a regular basis tend to develop very strong backs and will also work their traps and shoulders to some degree as well.

Do these or squats in every lower body workout you do.


Bench Press

The bench press is a classic exercise that simply can’t be missed for your upper body sessions. It’ll hit your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and even your core to some degree as it contracts to help you drive the weight upwards.

It’s a heavy compound move that’s great for maximum strength gains, so place it towards the start of your upper body workout sessions. Remember that you can also do it on an incline or decline as well if desired.



Moving along, don’t neglect pull-ups. Many people forget about this classic move simply because it doesn’t involve using a lot of weight.

The weight being used is your body. And, if bodyweight pull-ups just aren’t challenging, you can always strap a plate weight to your body as well.

However you do it though, pull-ups are excellent as they’ll hit your lats, mid back, and biceps all very well.



Finally, to balance out the pull-ups, you’ll want to add rows. It’s important to have both a vertical pulling as well as a horizontal pulling exercise in each upper body back workout you do to balance out the nature of stress being placed on the muscles.

Heavy barbell rows are excellent for growing your mid-back, your lats, as well as your arms. You can also interchange these with single arm rows if preferred as well.

So there you have the five best in muscle building exercises. Do you have these in your workout program?