4 Muscle Building Myths You Might Be Falling For

Bodybuilder Training

As unfortunate as it is, there are some serious muscle building myths out there that can easily cause your results to falter if you fall for them. And yet, people do fall for these myths each and every day.

Wondering what they are so that you can steer clear? Let’s go over the biggest myths related to muscle building that you need to know.


You Can Avoid Fat Gain Entirely

The first myth is that you can avoid fat gain entirely while building muscle – or even better, that you can build muscle and lose fat.

Apart from a very few select individuals, this simply isn’t possible. To build muscle, you need to be in a calorie surplus. To lose fat, you need to be a deficit. Since you can’t be in two places at once, it’s simply impossible.

Accept the fact that you may gain a small amount of fat as you build muscle. It’s all part of the game and can be lost once you have finished building the amount of muscle you desire.


You Should Train Each Muscle Group Once Per Week

Another big myth is that you should only train each muscle group once per week. Many people put themselves on ‘bodybuilding’ programs, hitting legs one day, chest another, back the third, arms the next, and shoulders on another day.

Generally speaking, a frequency of twice per week per muscle group is best. This means an upper lower split or a push/pull/legs protocol would be superior.

Only those who have built up the level of muscle they desire should consider these body part split types of protocols.


You Need To Dramatically Up Your Protein Intake

Some people also come to think that the more protein they eat, the better. They figure since muscle is made from protein, this will help them see faster results.

Not so. Your body can only use so much protein each and every day. What you don’t use will be excreted, used for energy, or turned into body fat.

Remember you need balance in your nutrition plan. This means eating protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fat. Don’t forgo carbs and fats because you are too busy taking in a sky-high protein intake.

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Females Should Stick To Lighter Weights

The next common myth is that women should stick to lifting lighter weights to avoid getting ‘bulky’. This is far from the truth. Remember that women do not possess the testosterone levels necessary to really develop much muscle bulk, so they can’t gain large amounts of muscle quickly.

In fact, women will be lucky to gain half a pound of muscle per month – assuming they do lift heavy and eat right.

Women need to challenge themselves just like men do as this is what will yield maximum results. They’ll get firmer, tighter, and if anything, look smaller, not larger.

So keep these myths in mind. Were you falling for any of them? Make sure they don’t catch you in their trap.